Any PR agency or even a journalist in Vietnam can compose and distribute a press release, but having the backing of a local public relations firm that is an experienced public relations consultant within these unique conditions will make a big difference in a company’s overall marketing success, and perhaps nowhere else is it more so than in Vietnam. VietGate understands Vietnam’s everchanging business market, where it is today and where it is going tomorrow. We have the expertise to provide strategic consultation and develop effective PR plans that are both creative and unique.
Many other PR agencies might attempt to read the market themselves,...
...but VietGate’s proprietary approach is to learn what your customers really think — what your reputation really is and how we can most effectively influence the desired behavior of the target audience with a well-crafted PR plan. We ensure that public relations strategies are realistic and fact-based. As a result, we can properly advise clients and develop effective public relations strategies aligned with our clients’ corporate strategies and goals.

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